Each month, Sand Pine teachers look for a model student who stands out as a leader among their peers. These students exhibit the following attributes on a regular basis-

  • respectfulness toward teachers, staff and students
  • responsibility with schoolwork and supplies
  • positivity in their classroom and on campus
  • safe decision making

Each grade level pod has come together to decide on a student to represent their team. Our December exemplary students have been announced!

Peeps (K)                         Joshua Greene (Simmons)

Owls (1st)                       Savanna Douglas (Ryan)

Peacocks (2nd)               Kaylee Johnson (Staney)

Toucans (3rd)                 Joshua Buckler (Mandell)

Phoenix (4th)                   Mason Caruso (R. Mueller)

Eagles (5th)                    Madison Huff (Lambert)

Congratulations to our December winners!