Welcome to our school’s website. We hope that you’ll take a few moments to learn more about our school, its students, staff and community.

The staff of Sand Pine Elementary School believes that in order to develop life long learners the school must challenge the intellect and guide emotional growth through innovative strategies to meet the needs of the whole child. We will work with parents and the community to promote high academic standards and develop programs that support an environment that enables each individual student to reach their highest potential.

This year our theme is “Working Smarter Together!”  This came as a result of a variety of key principles we value in ensuring we continue the important work we’ve been asked to do, ensuring all our students achieve high levels of learning. This year we will:

  • work smarter, not harder!
  • collaborate regularly to ensure a guaranteed, viable curriculum for all our  students.
  • increase rigor in our instruction.
  • embrace our role in preparing students for the demands of college and careers.

Thank you for your trust and support as we strive to help your child reach his/her highest potential!