Celebration Treats


But it’s Just a Cupcake…

Foods for school celebrations often include unhealthy choices such as cupcakes, candy, cookies and soda. While there is nothing wrong with an occasional treat, unhealthy foods are often the norm rather than the exception. Parties, food rewards, food fundraisers, and school stores often include foods that are low in nutrients and high in fat, added sugars and sodium. Birthday parties and/or classroom celebration food items must meet USDA Smart Snack Standards and be prepared in a commercial kitchen.  Our School Board’s Wellness Policy and Procedure 8510 was recently updated to comply with USDA Local School Wellness Policy requirements.

Just a reminder, we are absolutely unable to accept cupcakes, candy, cookies, etc. for any type of birthday or classroom celebration.  As a school we must abide by the federal standards.  If any of these items are sent to school, you will be called to pick them up.  Even if already purchased, they will not be given to the students.  Celebration foods are available to parents to purchase for their child’s class through their school cafeteria, order now: Pasco Smart Snack Celebrations.

Thank you for understanding.